Quality Policy

QS PROFESSIONAL has designed and is carrying out a Quality Management System according to the ISO9001:2015 international standard. This management system is aimed to improve the costumer’s satisfaction, by offering cosmetics and medical devices of the highest quality. Our activity contributes to our costumer’s development as well as to the satisfaction of our consumer’s expectations.

With a great sense of responsibility towards our consumers and our customers’ reputation, we apply the following management systems:

  • Cosmetics’ good industrial practices, according to the requirements set by the ISO22716:2007 international standard.
  • Quality management system for medical devices, according to the requirements of the ISO13485:2016 international standard.

Our long lasting efficient cooperations with our customers and our suppliers are a factor of significant importance for our company. These cooperations are based on our mutual trust and common interests.

The Quality management system and the Good industrial practices apply to the whole of our company’s operations and constant evaluations are being held in order to ensure a continuous improvement of our products and of the services offered to our clients.

We commit to comply with the current relevant to our activity legislation. Accordingly, we are committed to provide the company’s’ resources in order to achieve or goals and ensure the effective operation of the above systems.

We set specific quality targets on an annual basis. These are communicated to all employees and the degree to which they are achieved is monitored regularly.